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Serving both commercial and residential customers, we provide 24/7 emergency disaster response, to get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible after a flood, sewer back up or other water damage. We offer flood & water damage restoration, sewer back up cleaning, commercial janitorial, floor waxing, carpet & upholstery cleaning, mold remediation. We also have a certified mold inspector and an air quality consultant that can test for mold, radon, and asbestos. From attics to basements and everywhere in between, if you need it clean, NJ Restoration & Janitorial Services can help. Call us today for a quote.

Certified Mold & Air Quality Inspector

Our inspector will perform a visual mold inspection followed by a collection of environmental samples and readings. This process will generally take from 1 to 2 hours depending on the amount of mold testing required and the size of the environment.

Laboratory Testing Services for mold, radon, and asbestos​

We us laboratories that are inspected, licensed, recognized, accredited, certified, affiliated with, endorsed by/and or proficiency tested by several governmental agencies and independent associations

Water Damage Restoration

The process of water damage cleaning from the first steps to the last. Water damage restoration can also be known as (1) water remediation, (2) water removal, (3) water extraction, (4) water mitigation, and (5) flood cleanup. As well as sewer back up.

Mold Remediation

We work with both home and business owners to solve even the toughest of mold problems. Services include identifying the source of the mold issue, addressing the cause, isolating the mold (to prevent spreading), air filtration, mold remediation, and any additional specialty cleaning.

Asbestos Abatement & Remediation

We have the training, experience, special equipment, and protective gear to do any asbestos abatement & remediation.

Janitorial Services

We offer commercial cleaning, stripping, and waxing of floors, and construction clean up.

Steam Cleaning​

We professionally steam clean carpets, upholstery and concrete with our van mounted steam cleaner and attachments.

Pressure Washing

We can pressure wash concrete, sea cans etc. with our van mounted steam cleaner.

Ozone Generator

We offer an effective method to clean indoor air pollution and odors.

Equipment Rentals

Negative Air Machine

A negative air machine uses ducting to remove tainted air from a closed controlled area. The filtered air is exhausted outside of the controlled area. This creates negative air pressure inside a controlled area. A negative air machine helps restrict the spread of pollutants to other areas inside the building.

Insulation Removal Vacuum

If you're doing the removal yourself, you'll need to rent this high-powered insulation vacuum. It is gas-powered and comes with 150 feet of hose to reach from the attic to the vacuum outside. We also sell insulation bags.

Air Movers

Air movers are essential to provide rapid evaporation of moisture in wet structures. When drying with forced-air heating systems, the circulated hot air from your heater and air movers do the work of evaporating moisture in the structure being treated.

Medium Dehumidifier

These powerful machines can truly speed the water removal process. Additionally, a good commercial dehumidifier can be used to remove moisture in saturated environments, reducing the chance for microbial growth. Water Removal Max: (90°F/90% RH) 70 PPD (33 LTR)

Small Dehumidifier

The quiet dehumidifier is designed to consistently maintain a 30% to 80% humidity level and has a convenient LED readout to monitor your home's moisture levels at any given time. Additionally, it features an easy-to-drain bucket and garden hose connection that can be used for continuous drainage for added convenience. If there's any malfunction of the dehumidifier, or if the bucket is full, it automatically shuts off to protect the unit. Water Removal Max: (90°F/90% RH) 42 pints/day.

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It was a great experience with Kari; very organized, clear and simple communication (I really appreciated the good communication part, getting messages back in a timely manner was very nice), really gave peace of mind; her and her partner were friendly and helpful/ I highly recommend using their services!
Brad M
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Amazing work done! Knowledgeable, helpful and awesome service given by Kari. Can’t say enough about this company, highly recommend!
Debb H
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